Well-managed performance car meet ups are the positive side of car culture in Australia. Far away from the hooning and tyre burning of teenage first time drivers trying to grab a sense of free spirited Hollywood endorphin rushes, there is a group of petrol heads who worship looks over speed and engineering performance over Vin Diesel cos play.

One of the surprises of the last twelve months has been the MSCE Performance Car meet-up along MM Beach in Port Kembla. Not only a visually magnificent venue overlooking the majestic Illawarra escarpment and northern villages but also a cool curved strip away from peaceful homes of this up and coming neighbourhood, offering great sight lines for spectators and a spectacular backdrop for photographing these amazing machines.

The Grand Pacific crew have been to MSCE two events in the past year and both have been incredible in terms of car owner participation, the uniqueness and variety of cars on display and the family friendly atmosphere the organisers create through their no-nonsense approach to managing the event by clear rules for all drivers and local law enforcement partnership.

The story of how MSCE's event 'WHEELS OF STEEL BY THE SEA' came about is as unique as the event itself. Like a Hollywood movie, it has equal parts jeopardy and romance. We caught up with main founder Vasko Bullet Talevski to chat through the backstory of one of the best events in the Illawarra moto calendar.



MSCE wheels of steel by the sea, image from the 1980s in Port Kembla