Searching for the best skateparks in Sydney and the outer regions? We believe the ones that become locked into local lore are the those closest to the sea and frequented by barrel monsters testing their slab skills, unafraid to take the drop.

Skateboarding and skateparks are the backbone of surf and street culture. From Santa Cruz to Cronulla the vibe is consistent. When the swell isn't being friendly these places become beacons for the riders and the sliders. They may not be all be Bali pool bars but every coastal town needs one and Thirroul has just secured funding for theirs.

Bondi and Cronulla skateparks are where it all happens with their instagramable graffiti and fearless patronage. Thirroul has been petitioning for a skatepark for most of the past decade since Mrs Mar's indoor ramp shed closed, with local skate legend Barry Strachan  - and now his son - leading the relentless charge.

Skate Parks, NSW, Australia
The wait is now over and Wollongong council have approved funding for the build. The question now is where to site these sculptural bowls that will make the best of the scenery and transport connections. Local skaters and surfers are hoping it will be close to Thirroul Pavilion for the amenities and sight lines.

Wherever it goes it will be the home to some of the best scenes along the east coast of Australia with everyone not afraid to take the Illawarra's big drop.