If you are an adrenaline junkie and you're looking to expand into gliding sports, then this is your jump-off point. Number one in the ten best places to experience paragliding in Australia is Stanwell Park.

We've been geeking out to our friend Nick Rogers and his paragliding exploits jumping off at Bald Hill in the Royal National Park, just 30 minutes south of Sydney. He is one of the many chuters and gliders you can see hovering over the miles of escarpment or jumping off the ledge at Sandon Point over the weekend.

Paragliders at Bald Hill, Stanwell Park, Illawarra, NSW, Australia

Along with Kite Surfers and Wind Surfers along the Illawarra coast, its all about who you know and where to go. To experience the flying at Stanwell Park you either have to register to fly or fly with the local teams that call it their home.

Hanglider, Bald Hill, Illawarra, NSW, Australia

For hangliding then check out Handgliding Oz for tandem flights. Its also worth checking out the guys at Fly Stanwell for their regular jumps. Don't know what to get someone for their birthday, all these guys provide gift vouchers.

And as we would never expect anyone to do what we wouldn't do, we have booked in with local fear slayer Aden Prehn at Adventure Plus for some aerial adrenaline action this season.
See you up there.