Wanderer Magazine’s seventh print issue is called MOMENTUM. This issue's mag is over 120 pages of passionate artists and creatives giving  a run down on how they got to where they are now.

If Wanderer is new to you, the magazine is a celebration of creative youth, a platform where people create, share and have fun while doing it. Established at the back end of 2019, and driven by a Year 12 student from Thirroul who couldn’t wait to get out of there and who has always wanted to inspire people to do what they truly love and never settle for anything less.

Wanderer Magazine, independent art and counterculture magazine, Australia
We've been fans of the magazine for a while, picking it up in the surf stores up and down the coast. If you were into Grass Fires and the original Vice magazines (remember them?), then this publication is for you. Cool people, doing cool stuff, because they want to.

And they kindly lent us their key photography Lachy Starling to shoot some of their collaborators in our new season drop.

Total Illawarra vibes. See you at the launch party.