50 years of Hip Hop is righteously celebrated with concerts, mixes, playlists, documentary,  sneakers and now theatre with acclaimed choreographer Nick Power’s exploration of Hip Hop’s rituals and origins, launching with Merrigong Theatre at Wollongong Town Hall this September.
DJ Eclipse, Deejay X Dancer, 50 years of Hip Hop, theatre concert experience
If you are hardcore DMC championship goer or a worshiper of NYC's Fun Loving Criminal's Huey Morgan Radio 6 Music docu-series  'Hip Hop Forever,  50 Years of Hip Hop' that features weekly mixes of each decade and block party mixes by T Bone, Prime Cuts and BobaFatt, DJ Red Alert and Dj Koco, then man...this event is for YOU.

Beginning in 1986, the DMC DJ Championships are the longest running and most prestigious DJ Battles in the world, and have been host to the biggest names in the DJ world including DJ Qbert, Mixmaster Mike, Roc Raida, Ca$h Money, Kentaro and more. Winner DJ Total Eclipse recorded some of the most influential albums like X-Pressions, Revolutions and Build From Scratch. Eclipse has recorded with members of Faith No More, performed alongside Jay-Z and is one of the most sought after DJs.

'Deejay x Dancer' pits this world champion, turntablist DJ Total Eclipse - Member of the Xmen Xecutioners from Brooklyn, AB Original, Funkoars - against three killer Australian Breakers: Anastasios Repousi, Justice Crew member and winner of Australia’s Got Talent; Jackson Garcia, member of breaking crews Skill at Will and Team Cream; and Demi Sorono from So You Think You Can Dance.
50 Years of Hip Hop, theatre event, dancer and DJ in performance
For two nights only, on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd September, the Illawarra gets transported to New York state and beyond with a demonstration of DJ and dance skills that would usually require a long haul plane ticket to experience. We are AMPED.

Merringong theatre, hip hop performance, 2023

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To win a pair of tickets to this event, head to the Grand Pacific Customs instagram here >>>, follow the account, like the post and then tag a friend under the event post and we will draw ticket winners on Thursday 31st August at 18:00hrs AEST for the Friday 1st September evening performance.* One lucky entrant will win an AMPED skater tee to rep the Illawarra street style.

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*this giveaway is organised by Merrigong Theatre and includes the tickets for one performance only and no other elements such as transport or accommodation to attend. there is no financial alternative prize and the tickets are not transferable.