February mixtape 2024 | no diving mix

No Diving is the name of this month's mix. For those that like to jump right in.

We search out old signage + paraphernalia from the Illawarra's past, transcribe + then customise those elements into our street wear designs. Salvaging these elements means the apparel graphics are uniquely from the Illawarra coastline, designed + hand finished in this place. Same with the music. We search it out, we don't just biff up at Spotify + take what's already there. We beg, chase, court, explore, rabbit hole + discover to bring you a swathe of randomness on an genre-less tip. Whatever your sonic stoke, we are folk that are cool about it.

For those who are new to the GPC mixtape series, we source the freshest tracks from Illawarra artists or those with links to the recording studios + venues along the Grand Pacific route to celebrate the musical counterculture that makes this stretch of the pacific southeast a global creative hot spot. We then share the mixtape with radio stations around the world that have cool underground sounds programming. We had ten tracks from last month's mixtape picked up by overseas radio stations. Shout out to unsigned band Oniera, as they broke through to two different radio stations in the first four weeks of 2024.

As always, here is the write-up (underneath the mixtape section) with links to the artist profiles so you can follow them, links to their gigs so you can see them live along the Grand Pacific route + links to wherever they want us to link so you can grab their tunes. They depend on your patronage so let’s get to it. To be in to win guest tickets to some of these shows just sign up to the newsletter in the footer to enter + receive future guest list ticket info.

You don’t need to sign up for SoundCloud account to listen, just press play if the music hasn’t already started. If you do have a SoundCloud account you can follow us there + get all the archive in one place, as well as the new ASSEMBLY series curated by Illawarra cool folk.

Too damned easy.


Jasper Lucas - Arrival . This track is pure yacht rock with those early 80s vibes of Laurie Anderson, The Corgis and Scritti Politti and is just one of many tracks he has uploaded to his profiles recently. Go check them all out. Such a cool laid back track to kick off the No Diving mix with. At only 21 years old, this creative polymath is one to watch.

Lime Volts - Akte. The home studio and rebuilt keyboard scene in this region is huge. We feel like we have hit a seam of golden music makers with their synth-focused tracks, clubs, meets, swaps and overall noodling magic. Lime Volts is a favourite for their linear, tracky, ambient soundscapes. We probably need to do a mixtape of solely synth monsters from along the pacific southeast coast as this is a SCENE!

Scared of Sharks - Ode to Rose Street. We jump right back to the nascent post-punk sounds that have come to represent the region of late. SoS bring pogo to punks in pumps and we are loving it. They are The Servo in Port Kembla on 11th Feb. Get on it.

Dirty Suits - Nobody Dies Alone. A Mexicali punk-flamenco of storytime is always a joy. They have recently played Ryan's Hotel in Thirroul and we are sure to see more of this crazy combo soon.

Robustt - I Heart You. Another track from Wollongong Massiv, the Womp Krew. They just keep pumping out the tracks and it is hard to keep up. We are still waiting for a big all-nighter with these guys. There is so much talent across this collective that they will need a multi-room venue for all their crew and genres. Or maybe a whole dance tent at the next big festival. It needs to happen.

The Swirly Train - Gluck Gluck 0.2. Only days back from his recent nuptuals and Dan Mac/Swirly Dan/One Third of Art v Science is back behind the sliders to master up yet another track for your listening pleasure. Dan is probably our biggest contributor and again we find it hard to keep up. We've all started saying 'Hi Oliver' as we shoulder boogie the day away. DJ's need to download this track asap for some of the vocal fry. Check out his IG tutorials of how he builds a track in a day. Which would answer how he is so prolific.

Slim Jimz - Now You're Gone. In the spirit of Australian festival rock, this sound is so damned popular and the recent Triple J Top 100 reflects how the love of the beach rock vibe continues unabated. The Jimz are key proponents of this emotive four to the floor genre and they are back with this brand new track. Always gigging, catch up with them soon.

Fripps & Fripps - Shame. We missed this when it first came out so we are dragging it into 2024 in case you missed it too. These folks are currently on tour so check out their IG for the updates. A great radio tune.

The Morning Star - Marchfly. We have seen this band so many times in the past twelve months. And their supergroup qualities as different members of different bands but Morning Star always sound completely different from their other incarnations. In their Nico/Marianne Faithful-esque in their Brechtian vibe. They are releasing often and are unstoppable. The fragile feel of the chorus from this track really brings a distinct texture that sets them completely apart from every other brand in the Illawarra.

JuddoMagic - Spoilt Teen. Another super-creator who throws out tracks on an almost weekly basis is JuddoMagic. We could feature him nearly every month but we don't want to spoil you. Go check him out with his own blend of alt-hop.

Pan-Pacific Grand Prix - What's The Point Of Anything. We love this band. This track has been on pure rotation as we have been waiting to share it with you all. Its got a flavour of The Kinks in its storytelling and structure. We can see Iggy Pop playing this on his radio show and raving about it. We cant wait to see them live.

Stevan - Bored. The guy that inspired us to start the mixtapes because we heard him overseas and were surprised he wasn't huge in Australia. He throws out tracks like confetti and is such a great live act to go and see. An amazing talent from Wollongong we cannot help supporting.

GowchiiThe Theory Of Everything. The Don of the Womp Krew, the prolific DJ + mixer collective hammering out the beats in the Illawarra, Gowchii continues to be featured on the reg within our mixtapes. Its becoming obsessive. We need this big all-nighter. Let's just do it.

Death Of Sound - Bop It. We nothing about her, and in a way we love the mystery and don't want to know. Every now and again she surfaces and then disappears like a slick sonic dolphin leaving nothing behind but bubbles of sound.

Toruadh - Oliver. The second reference to Oliver this mixtape. Now living in Liverpool, UK but still representing the Illawarra, this track is sublime and a sure-fire hit for UK radio stations.

Donny Benet - American Dream. Another soul funk slide towards to late 70s sound of the greats, such as The Gap Band, Faze Action and Barry White. Donny is heading to the US sound to go and sell them some sand and a harbour bridge, as well as their sound back to them. Always lush and smooth yet sexy hairy as only Donny can be.

Nancy & The Jam Fancys - Mirror My Melody. Staccato rock reminiscent of the early 80s post punk scene that sails close to frenetic Teardrop Explodes and richoceting off LA rockers, Cracker. Awesome loud and live.

Misty Lanes - Would You Believe? Dreamy psychedelic indie from local label Third Eye Stimuli. Get your Beatles fix with a trip-like journey with Misty Lanes. Such a great band to see live too.

Shaun Baxter - To Fall. The long awaited new track from Shaun. It's been about a year since we last had him on our mixtape and it is great to see he is back this new single with lots of gigs around the coast. See him solo or with his band as soon as you can as he has a lot of new Americana-esque music to share.

The Social Dead - They Day It All Fell Down. New track and new gig alert for 17th Feb at Ryan's Hotel in Thirroul. It is a free show, so no excuses. Their heavy jams of Sub Pop sounds remind us of LA rockers Cracker too. Maybe there needs to be a night with the Dead and the Jam Fancys, whatdoyoureckon promoters????

Helena Massey - Cross Wise. One of our favourite guitarists, Meteor Infant, from the Illawarra region features on this track. It's a beautiful lament to sail us towards the end of the mixtape from her forthcoming album, Well Below The Shaking.

Cam Crest - In The Clouds ft Brezie. A new track from Kiama's finest street rapper, who is always in his studio cooking up beats and ideas. Cam is ploughing his own path as he finds his voice as an Australian hip hop artist. Brezie brings a softness to partner Cam's angular wordsmithing.

The M1 - Running Postman. The main track thread from epic surf film Aural Canyons released in 2023, this is one of our favourite tracks for the entire album that was just released this week. This band are almost the soundtrack creators to the spirit of the Illawarra. Inescapable and omnipotent. Huge. See them live and be transported.

Sir Archer - Heed The Call. So fresh this just dropped from the sky above. It never ceases to amaze us the awesome talent of this scene along the edge of the world. Such a great track to end the mixtape. If this premium-sounding, slick soul funk jazz is your groove than catch them at Waves venue at the Towradgi Beach Hotel on Friday 16th Feb. It is a free show, so no excuses.

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