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We are the first generation to understand climate change and the last generation able to do something about it.

What we wear exists in a wider conversation about what we believe in. So let's raise the bar.

We source most of our suppliers in the Illawarra because sustainability isn’t just about how the products are made but also where and by who. Our collections are currently not as sustainable as we want them to be, but we are working on it. Let us tell you how.

Not everything we do will be organic or low impact but we are committed to continually evolving and finding solutions to reduce impact and excessive use of the world’s resources. We have just added an organics basics range in a three-colour bundle to help you wear organics daily.

We source everything from Australian suppliers and sometimes their supply chain is overseas. If their overseas supply chain is transparent, ethical and wherever possible sustainable, we will work with them until better alternative options come available.

Currently our premium tees and French Terry sweat fabrics are ethically crafted overseas for our Australian maker and we further customise all apparel in the illawarra. This includes designing, printing by hand and labeling by hand.

Creating jobs in the region is part of our plan. So when you ask why are our tees a little more expensive than your favourite mega-brand, its because all the workers in our chain have been paid not just a minimum wage but an Australian  living wage that supports their business and their community, as well as ours.

We are a small batch community brand that does not overstock and we do not create waste.

This is why we do not discount. Our prices reflect our principles. We have also signed up for the Australian Fashion Council initiative to add a few cents on our cost of manufacture. These funds will be to donated to lifecycle infrastructure initiatives to make Australia a leader in sustainable apparel management from design-thinking to garment end-of-life recycling programmes.

We have all watched David Attenborough on Netflix, so let’s not pretend we haven’t and ignore our responsibilities to the planet. As well as our street wear supplies, the packaging is also ethically sourced. This means all postage bags are compostable so they do not further damage our already damaged world.  The courier company has been selected for their carbon neutral credentials and if you are a customer living close to the HQ studio we may hand-deliver the items ourselves on our way for a surf, meaning less courier vans in the roads in nearby communities.

As part of our HQ action plan we support the ‘take 3 for the sea’ campaign and we comb our local beach in Thirroul almost daily to take away anything that shouldn't be there. At busy vacation times we hand out biodegradable bin bags to encourage people to take their trash away and reward them with our car stickers.

Low volume, ethical street wear, hand-crafted at within the Illawarra and every step, stroke and stoke is considered.

Wear where you're at.