In late 2022, Grand Pacific Customs invited one of our moto mates from the UK to the Illawarra to enjoy some of the region's delights. We may have enjoyed some drinks or two at Old South and Papi's, but the main purpose of the visit was to experience the highway south of Sydney and its awesome ride vibe.

Duncan Gallagher - F1 Red Bull communications - Australia-Harley Davidson

Petrol heads around the world dream of riding the highway south of Sydney but few actually get to do it often. After a quick jaunt to Bathurst racing museum and day of offroad with the mountain bikes in Canberra with some local firey legends, we lent our guest the trusted Harley. Off he went off to explore the Royal National Park and the view from the Flying High Cafe , over the Sea Cliff Bridge and then all the way down the Grand Pacific Drive to meet our friends at Black Metal Motor Co in Port Kembla and their cool new store.

Sea Cliff Bridge - Illawarra- viewed from Stanweel Park Tops - Illawarra

Back in the UK, our guest's work colleagues were admiring his Instagram posts of the Grand Pacific's Sea Cliff Bridge and decided to pay a visit themselves.

Enjoy the result.

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