April 2023 Mixtape | rewind + fast forward

As always, we throw in some rewinds. Tracks that may have been released in the last few years that maybe did not receive the love and attention at the time but with the passing of the tides we get to appreciate them more fully. We also have some fast forwards with tracks that are just breaking before they form their peak.

In May 2023 we feature Wollongong wunderkind Stevan, who is still hitting it out of the park across northern Europe, Austinmer mega talent The M1 (just one of many guises...in fact we have just unearthed another one he is hiding), silver factory-esque The Concrete Sea from Thirroul and something off-kilter from Kiama's Apocolypse Boyo. We kick off with a new track by Sydney West's Flowerkid,  just because they filmed the video to this new track in the Illawarra, so we have included this freshest of drops in the list of seventeen tracks.

It's a roller coast of sounds.

Take the huck.