May 2023 Mixtape | solid air

Kicking off with a stalwart of our playlists and who metamorphoses into a myriad of incarnations, the mercurial Russell W brings a regular dose of paradise with this Lemon Jelly -esque vibe. And who doesn't love a bit of electronic genre-creators, Lemon Jelly. Follow him here >>>

Wollongong's very own unsung hero of global soul pop ( we should call it W-Pop) is the never-ending talent of Stevan. Still largely unknown in his own country but played on Western European radio, we seriously need to get behind our own. His new tracks are out and for the second playlist in a row we feature him with this new release, Hello Goodbye. Follow him here >>>

What can we say about The Vanns. They are up there amongst Pacific Avenue and other pack leaders finding love and light around the world. Their new track Last of Your Kind requires to be listened to loud or at least live. Get down the front of their next gig. Follow them here >>>

Haiku Hands were the star attraction at a Port Kembla street festival and they are currently on tour overseas. This unapologetic track is almost Missy Elliot inspired dark disco and a pretty good reason why this cross-state band of performers is taking off around the world at club nights and cool festivals. Follow them here >>>

The Gong's Womp Krew rep the DJs and mixers and this collective churn out a track or a mix a week. We had to choose so we chose an eclectic longtail mix called Wolvie. Go check our their secret club nights The Big Doof and mixes . Follow them here >>>

And Daley Road may be resident in Melbourne now but they are still representing the region and these guys deserve your attention. Give them a follow here >>>

Yep, we have an obsession of Thirroul's Dan Mac and his alter-ego, The Swirly Train. We cannot deny our addiction and although this track has been in his bag a while we need to share the little beauty that is Dance Again, with all it's 70s Lennon vibes. This guy is a machine. Go see him live. Show him love. Follow him here and listen to his new single  >>>

Joe Mungovan returns after a break with the long awaited shimmery Handmidowns. Follow him here for his tracks and latest gigs  >>>

The SunBears continue their blues assault with Loaded Gun. Check out the whole album and follow them here >>>

And we just had to include Dapto Briefcase from San Fransisco resident 'Benupsavs', who we secretly suspect is an ex-pat hiding out on the pacific rim to spread Illawarra vibes. We can only hope and guess. Follow him here >>>

Since the launch of their first single, the sultry Hotel In Thirroul, we have followed Concrete Sea for all the right reasons. On the brink of their album launch, Australian Dream, they kindly allowed us this exclusive. This band sound so seasoned you feel like you've had their vinyl forever. Check out this new track, Caroline and give them a hard and dark follow, like you know you should here >>>

Another drop this week that is box fresh comes from Wollongong's 16 year old wunkerkind,  with some serious competition for Peter Yorn fan hearts, is Aodhan with the launch of some long-awaited new tracks. You read that correctly. 16. We now have those 'what have you been doing with your life' internal monologues. Follow him here >>>

After some convincing, the enigmatic The Escarpment loaded up their recent tracks for us to share. Now we have the problem of choosing a favourite child to include in the line up. We are huge fans of Ride and their epic album The Weather Diaries and there is not a track hear that would look out of place on that album. Mighty praise in deed. So to delay the sonic experience for a long as possible we chose a track of 11 minutes in duration, End Transmission. Follow them and go see them at La, La, La's on 8th June with the awesome Birdsville. Follow them here and do it now >>>

The track of the month goes to Dress Theque, and their 90s inflected baggy homage, The Last Song. We think this is a global banger and although the guys are from our next door neighbours, Sydney, this stone cold classic was recorded in Austinmer by local production whizzes just a few weeks ago. When this track finishes, go back and play it again. And then again. And again. It's solid air. Follow them here >>>

Take the huck.